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共同創作|Corporate work
《 Messages from ( ) 》 2020
    合作藝術家 林子傑 feat.  ZI-JIE, LIN

《 Messages from ( ) 》 2020

聲音 / 投影於地面




《 Messages from ( ) 》 2020

sounds, images projection on the floor

Dimensions variable

Modern lives stay most times under light.

'' Look on the bright side. '' This motivational sentence is a clue. 

The exhibition space is filled with the sound of machinery, the sound of flies hitting the cabinet, and the smell of rosemary.

The black curtains inside the box move up and down with repeated mechanical sounds. The two paragraphs are alternately displaying there. " LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE " " LOOK THERE'S NO BRIGHT SIDE ".

The plant living under the artificial light source comes from a large chain furniture store, where plastic rosemary is also sold. (The price is three times more than the living plant. ) A label that marks it as a plastic object hangs on a pot of rosemary. But it still needs light and water. Moreover, its strong odour could not hide the fact that it is a cheaper living plant.

On the other side, a box that marks the printed word ' inside ' was empty except for flies.

《Action / Body / Experiment》2020




參與者通過一個印有0.1字符的拉門進入表演區域,進入屏幕後面的世界。 在這場表演中,屏幕始終處於“藍屏”的系統錯誤狀態。


在這場演出中,我們將空間分為上、中、下與投影中的另一個網域空間,目的是為了讓各個角落都被觸及到,空間中的各處都有事件正在發生著。表演者在投影機投射的藍屏和預先製作的音樂下在空間中遊蕩,製造脫離現實的感受。 現實和虛擬僅由屏幕分開,而其中的界線將越來越模糊。 當一天系統出現錯誤時,我們如何在錯誤狀態中生活?


《Action / Body / Experiment》2020



Participants entered the acting area through a sliding door covered with 0 and 1s, entering the world behind the screen. In this performance, the screen is always in a “blue screen error” state.

Every performer was given instruction and their positions. When the participants tried to contact the performers, the performers won't respond because they only did the works that the operator commanded.

The performers roam unconsciously in the space, with the blue screencast by the projector and pre-produced music, creating a break from the real world. The reality and the virtual are only separated by the screen. When one day there is an error in the system, how do we live in the blue state?

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